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Easter Drive 2009

Ali Morton, John Greener and Fell pony Zorro
Ali Morton and John Greener with Zorro

Alicia Castleton and bay pony Maggie
Alicia Castleton and Meggie

grey pony pair going through watersplash
Lynn Winder's pair at the watersplash

Mike Whelan has a go at cone driving
Mike Whelan and Jen Millard with Potty

Sue MIllard driving bay mare Ruby
Sue Millard and Sarah Rush with Ruby

tea and buns after the drive
Save this one - Lynn Winder with her mouth shut. Even Paul Gregory looks startled.

Gamblesby Fun day 2008

pony pair in hazard
Jackie Parkinson and her Fell pair were second overall.

Fell pony and carriage
Sue Millard won the dressage with Ruby.

Tony Nelson - winner overall - with the "stripey family".

Training Day at George Bowman's, 2008

Training a young horse single
George schools a young horse.

pony driver being given advice on driving
Tony Nelson receives advice from George on driving a dressage test.

Winners at Dalemain Fun Event - 20 May 2007

Brian Capstick winning the Open Horse class.

Kim Usher winning the Novice Pony class.

NWDC drivers enjoying the hospitality of the Junior Chariots of Fire at their Indoor Driving Event at Greenlands. Spring 2007:

Tony and Gill Nelson with Ricky Star
Tony and Gill Nelson with Ricky Star

Amanda Saville with her pair  of horses
Amanda Saville with her pair

Lynn Winder with her pair of ponies
Lynn Winder with her pair of ponies

Dalemain Event 2006

Tony Nelson and Ricky Star won the Pony class with Gill Nelson backstepping. Here, Gaynor Harding, Tommy Thomlinson and Ann Thackeray oversee the start.


Dalemain Event 2005

Georgina Wood and her Hackney x Fell Jack were winners of the Novice Pony class.

Amanda Tallentire driving Tara won the Novice Horse class.

Paul Gregory won the Multiples class with this pony pair.

Philippa Booth won the Open Pony class with her five year old Welsh pony.

Sue Millard was second (or "well last" due to several eliminations!) in the Open Pony class. But Ruby enjoyed her first day's eventing so much that she wanted to go round again.

Demonstration of hazard and cones driving at George Bowman's, 25 April 2004

Alan Todd's tandem wait for their turn Alan Todd with tandem: Ivy House Barney the Travelling Man and Ivy House Jack the Lad. The Hungarian whip and the cigar are trademarks.
George and team in circular hazard George demonstrates going around in ever decreasing circles (and this is a classical training exercise too - it just doesn't normally include those solid wooden posts). When you get to the centre, you spiral back out again. Simple eh?
George and team in Box obstacle Now apply the training to a different phase: George taking the young team through the "box" obstacle. Pretty well the same manoeuvre as the shot above.
Tommy Thomlinson's pony pair Tommy Thomlinson with pair Jay and Dan.
Alan Todd's tandem horses consult one another "What d'you think of it so far, Jack?" Alan Todd's tandem has a quick conference.
George shows how a loop of bootlace prevents you dropping your whip Look no hands.... how to make sure you don't drop your whip in a hazard. A bootlace loop taped to the handle.


Easter Drive 2004

Ann Varley and her pony tandem arrive at the pub stop Ann Varley arrives at the "Stag Inn", Dufton, with pony tandem "Mrs Penny" and "Peter". Her groom is Skippy Mackay.
chairmand of the club with pair of ponies - a wife and daughter Chairman Tommy Thomlinson at the pub stop, with Linda and Lee-Ann concealing ponies "Jay" and "Dan"!
mare trying the beer Amanda Tallentire doesn't know that "Tara" is being introduced to the evils of drink.
chatting on the village green Horses, drivers, grooms and spectators enjoy the "crack" on Dufton village green.

Greenlands Indoor Driving: 8 February 2003

Tandem of bay Westmorland Warmblood horses and 4 wheeled carriage Alan Todd was unchallenged in the Multiples class and enjoyed a training run with Ivy House Jack the Lad and Ivy House Barney the Travelling Man.

Pony and carriage, driver demonstrating one handed control

Lynn Winder and Mackie were 2nd in the Open Pony class.

Junior driver and piebald Shetland-cross pony

Katie McGill and Mr Pie won the dressage in the Juniors Class and were second overall.
Black and white mare showing good bend in dressage circle
Sally Sharnon and Ezzie, Beginners' Class winners.
head on shot of pony and carriage  showing good bend
Amanda Saville and Josh (National Champions 2002) won the Open Pony class


Bryan and Phyllis Capstick with Bobby at Lyth Valley

Bryan and Phyllis Capstick with Bobby at Lyth Valley event 1992 - Bryan's headgear was chosen to suit the weather rather than the hazards!
black and white cob in harness with 4 wheeled pleasure vehicle Bryan Capstick (and family?) with a piebald driving cob in Killarney, 2001.
black horse in harness with jaunting car - tethered with no bridle

Bryan says this is "one for the purists" - a horse tied up, not only in harness but in draught, with the bridle hung on the shaft.... needless to say this is Ireland again (Killarney 2001).

For safety reasons NWDC do not recommend that horses are left tied up in their vehicles and especially not without their bridles.

Libby Parsons in the trees hazard at Holker

Libby Parsons with "Secret" at Holker, 1996



Drivers picnic in the field after a cross country drive Picnic at Daw Bank after the Midsummer Drive, 2000 (spot the ones that aren't Fells!)
A horsedrawn wedding in Tebay David Trotter as Coachman for a wedding in Tebay with "Patch" in the shafts, 2000