Results 2016

Newton Rigg Driver Challenge:

16 October - (1) Results

Dalemain, May 2016


17 April 2016

Results 1

Results 2

21 February 2016

1 Gordon Watson
2 Steph Brumwell
3 Pat Watson
4 Peter Carter

1 Anna Grace
2 Diana Ferguson
3 Diana Ferguson
4 Lyn Winder

1 Leah Noreci
2 Elsa Noreci
3 Roisin Swarbrick
4 Annelise


24 October, Driver Challenge, Nord Vue

1st Roisin Swarbrick 3min 2

1st Dianne Ferguson 2min 23
2nd Janet Glendinning 3min 37

Single Pony
1st Jen Bernard 2min 24
2nd Gordon Watson 2min 25
3rd Ted Chapman 2min 37
4th Pat Watson 2min 38

10 October, Driver Challenge, Nord Vue

Single Pony
1st Jen Bernard - Mr Pudding 2min 28
2nd Ted Chapman - Tonto 2min 34
3rd Peter Carter - Kavanagh 2min 35
4th Dianna Ferguson - 3min 00
5th Fiona Haley - Jack 3min 01
6th Ted Chapman - Josie 3min 06
7th Woody - Jack 3min 36
8th Roisin Swarbrick - E 2min 54

1st Diana Ferguson - pair 2min 33
2nd Anna Grace - pair 3min 07

29-30 August, Lowther 2DE


Novice Horse
Steph Brumwell (hc)

Novice Pony
Elaine Brown

Open Horse
David Calvert

Open Pony
Rosie Mould

Horse Pair
John Stafford

Pony Pair
Mark Winder

Pony Tandem
Louise Kaiholm

Horse Team
George Bowman

Pony Team
Peter Shannon

Full results (PDF)

26 July, NWDC Summer Show 2015

Private Driving - No Entries

Exercise Class
1st Sue Noreci
2nd Jen Bernard
3rd David Humes
4th Steph Brumwell

Disabled Whip
1st Marina Chapman

Coloured Horse/ Pony
1st Jen Bernard

Native Pony
1st Sue Noreci
2nd David Humes
3rd Henry Box

Veteran Horse / Pony
1st David Humes

Junior Whip
No Entries

Sue Noreci
Reserve Champion
David Humes

Ridden Class
1st Henry Box
2nd Elsa Noreci
3rd Leah Noreci

1st Ted Chapman
2nd Jen Bernard
3rd Sue Noreci
4th Steph Brumwell

Dalemain 2015

Novice Horse: Amanda Tallentire

Novice Pony: Pat Watson

Open Pony: Sara Bower

Mulltiples: David Calvert

Detailed results from Dalemain

Driver Challenge, Spring 2015

21 March 2015

Juniors: Roisin Swarbrick

Multiples: Mark Winder

Singles: Ted Chapman

Detailed results 21 March

22 February 2015

Multiples: Jackie Parkinson

Single Horse: John Nisbet

Single Pony: Amanda Nisbet

Detailed results 22 February

8 March 2015

Single Horse: John Nisbet

Juniors: Roisin Swarbrick

Multiples: Jackie Parkinson

Single Pony: Anna Grace

Detailed results 8 March

Driver Challenge, Autumn 2014

12 October 2014

Singles: Anna Grace

Multiples: Louise Kailhom

Detailed results 12 October

26 October 2014

Singles: Amanda Nisbet

Multiples: Louise Kaiholm

Detailed results 26 October

2 November 2014

Singles: Amanda Nisbet

Multiples: Christine McGahan

Detailed results 2 November

Accumulator winners 2014

Singles: Amanda Nisbet

Multiples: Louise Kaiholm

Accumulator results in full

23/24 August Nord Vue 2 Day Event 2014

Class winners

Dressage & Cones Only: Rosie Mould

Novice Pony: Pat Watson

Open Pony: Peter Carter

Pairs: Lynn Winder

Detailed results

27 July, NWDC Summer Show 2014

Private Driving
1st Gilly Chippendale

Exercise Class
1st Jenny Harris
2nd Alex Hughes
3rd Jackie Parkinson

Junior Whip
1st Roisin Swarbrick

Disabled Driver
1st Faith Billington

Ride and Drive
1st Gilly Chippendale
2nd Henry Box
3rd Roisin Swarbrick

1st Alex Hughes
2nd Tony Cockburn
3rd Roisin Swarbrick

11 May, Dalemain One Day Event 2014

The North West Driving Club ran its first one day event of the season in the wonderful setting of Dalemain House and Gardens, just outside Penrith. The course was set up the day before by a band of cheery volunteers who, although delayed by the Great North Air Ambulance (needed at a show on the adjacent field), built a superb course which led competitors through the Dalemain courtyard and off across the Estate to Dacre. A drive along the lanes brought them back through the fields to face the four obstacles set out across the parkland.

The set up crew were lucky enough to have sunshine, a few light showers, but nothing to require waterproofs. Competitors and arena crews on competition day however required serious wet weather gear.

The mornings dressage competition was followed directly by the cones competition, after a brief lunch the marathon started just as the rain really set in. Some had hail stones to contend with!

As the last competitor finished for the day and the arena crews followed them round taking out posts and filling in the holes again the sun decided that it would make an appearance just in time for the prize giving.

Lynn Winder, from Tebay, and her pair of ponies had the best dressage of the day, with Kim Usher from Richmond having the best Cones round and the best marathon of the day with her Hackney Pony, Mackie.

A huge thank you to the Hasell-McCosh family for allowing us to use their Estate and to Claire in the the Estate office for her help in the run up to the event. Without our volunteers we couldn't run the events, so a massive thank you to them for their time, effort and patience!


Novice Pony
1st Sue Noreci (Kendal)
2nd Jen Bernard (Cockermouth)
3rd Faye Nemeth (Brampton)
4th Roisin Swarbrick (Morecambe)

Open Pony
1st Kim Usher (Richmond)
2nd Anna Grace (
3rd David Humes (Dovenby)

1st Lynn Winder (Tebay)
2nd David Calvert (Richmond)
3rd Jackie Parkinson (Melmerby)
4th Tommy Thomlinson (Kirkoswald)

detailed results

Nord Vue - March 2014

9th March - detailed results

23rd March - detailed results