1. All newcomers to the sport must have a safety test before driving at any NWDC activity.

• Prior to going on a Club Drive Out, a driver/turnout must be assessed as competent by 1 or 2 approved club assessors.

• Similarly, prior to going on a Club Drive Out, a driver progressing from a single to a multiple must be assessed as competent by 1 or 2 approved club assessors.

2. Appropriate clothing/protective clothing must be worn – approved hard hats must be worn on a marathon and when seen as appropriate for the activity. Under 18s must wear hard hats at all times (riding, driving or grooming) which is to current PAS 015 standard or above (as of 2014).

3. Junior drivers (under 18) must be accompanied by an experienced adult aged 18 years or over. Minimum age for drivers/ grooms - 12 years old (from their birthday).

4. Vehicles must be of suitable size and weight for the horse/pony and be safe. Reflectors must be fitted to the rear of all vehicles that go onto the public highway. Pneumatic tyres allowed at the discretion of the committee.

5. Horses/ ponies should be at least 4 years old (by birthday or passport date) and be of suitable size/ fitness/ experience for the activity involved.

6. Dogs must be kept on a lead AT ALL Times AT ALL EVENTS. Penalty of £5 for any dog found off a lead.

7. The Committee/Organisers of each event will reserve the right to alter the rules, as conditions dictate. Any alterations will be posted by the organiser/event secretary to members/ Competitors, if they have not been previously notified in a newsletter/event schedule.

8. The Committee reserves the right to warn and then, if necessary ‘ask to leave’ or terminate membership of any driver who is deemed to be incompetent and a danger to themselves and others.

9. The Committee has the right to refuse membership and/or event entry at its discretion and without explanation.

10. The organiser’s/Committee’s decision is FINAL.

Rules specific to Driving Trials Competitions run by the NWDC.

It is advised that anyone competing at a Driving Trial Competition is familiar with the rules of British Carriage Driving as found on the British Carriagedriving website.

The NWDC follows the national rules but there are some differences felt appropriate to the scale of club competitions and to assist newcomers.

a. A Competence Test will need to be completed before competing at any club driving trial. If this has been carried out with another club, the member must present proof to the NWDC prior to driving with the club.

b. All horses and ponies must be at least 4 years old.

c. Classes will be combined if there are less than 2 competitors in a class.

d. Competitors in the Novice Classes will have a safety check 30 mins before the dressage phase and at the start of the marathon.

e. All horseboxes with living accommodation are required to have a fire extinguisher (powder recommended) in line with H&S regs. Periodic committee checks.

f. Electric fencing may be allowed at the discretion of the organisers, prior to the event.

g. All members to take responsibility for cleaning up their area before leaving an event site.

h. Cones should be walked, on foot, without a horse/pony in attendance.

i. Objections or appeals to results/scores must be lodged, with £20 cash, to the event secretary, within 30 mins of the results being posted. If objection is upheld money will be returned.


Before competing in an Open class, drivers must have completed 3 x 3 section marathons, without retirement or elimination as a single OR be assessed as competent by 2 approved Club Assessors.

To progress from Single to a Multiple class they must have completed 3 x 3 section competitions, without retirement or eliminations as a single.

New members coming into the area who are established drivers/competitors (including multiples drivers) who wish to drive at club activities/competitions should contact the Club Secretary or Chairman so that their competence can be established prior to driving with the club.